Cold Reality

by Boxed In

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Recorded in 2011 and never released.


released December 31, 2011



all rights reserved


Boxed In Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: All At Once
The world gave up on me. Why can't I give up on it?
I'm so sick and tired of waking up to the same old shit.
How much more can I face the day knowing that I'll just keep taking hits.

Lived my life like a slave til I found, I fit in with the underground/
You can't take this away from me. you'll never know just what this means.

Poor cause you're bored with your priveleged fucking life
When I grew up I didn't fucking have a choice
Throw it all away cause you wanna fit in, while I struggle every day just to make ends.

I'm trapped. Your fantasy. My reality. My personal hell
You don't know shit about the tales that I tell.
Sing along all you want but this fact will never change.
Tell yourself that you can but I know you can't relate.
Track Name: No Friend of Mine
19 years down. Another day passed by. Another day working under the boot heel of those I despise.

Try to relate to me, I don't think you fucking can.
Half my work, double my pay, but you call us equal men.
Well dressed and groomed to the top, at the end of the day you're clean. My skins hard with a layer of dirt, and you wanna know why I act so mean.

Blood, Sweat and Pain. Held by the chain.

Talk to me like a fucking child when your system depends on me.
Think I care about your inconvenience? Think I care what you think of me?

I don't give a fuck. I've taken too much. Enough is Enough. Your time is up.

Don't talk to me like we're two of a kind, cause inside you know you're no friend of mine.
Track Name: Carry On
"Carry on the name" is what he said to me when I was just a kid.
I felt the weight of the world but at the same time I knew I could do what they did.
I couldn't make amends with the life I was surrounded by. They opened up the doors and from then on I knew what I had inside.

A nowhere kid from a dead end street. Witness to where evils meet.
Unexpected, I rose to my feet.

Each word, each fucking lyric that I've heard since long ago
still sounds like new every time I see a show.
Born to a world where everyone else had more.
The only world that took me in was hardcore.
Track Name: Cold Reality
I remember the day it hit me in the face.
I remember the feeling of concrete against bare feet.
I remember the numbness that ran throughout my mind.
I remember the rage that built in each heartbeat.

Wishing I was dead, the thought that life could blindside you so quick.
The sudden loss of hope, the shattered dreams I'd never see.
Friends dead and a broken family. and family disappear right before your eyes.

I'll never forgive for the ones you take away
I'll never forget all the shards of dreams once held
I never will see the face of certain friends again
I never will feel the hope for better days.
Track Name: Lost and Found
I see the world collapse right before my eyes.
and I know when I turn around false friends reveal their lies.

Aligned with my friends. Nothing can do me harm
Invincible for days out of the weak. I'm someone among the swarm.

Found my friends in a concrete jungle. Family on a city street.
The outside chews me up and spits me out but in here you can't touch me.

Yelling at the passerby on the street, feels good to fight back for a change.
Role reverse. I feel like a king. All because of this hardcore thing.

Found my friends in a concrete jungle. Family on a city street.
Coming out on top. Side by side we stand. Only ones who relate with me.

Those who stand and have my back will never turn away.
Unwritten oath through this simple thing. Hardcore till our dying day.

I've got nothing in my heart but pride for who I am and what I live to be.
I'll stand the neverending test of time.
Nothing will stand in the way for me
Track Name: Who I Am
I'll never change who I am for anyone or anything.
Hardcore was there for me when the world wasn't.
I'll never turn my back on the things I love.

(Mike Colpitts Rap)

East to the west, north to the south. Cali to NYC.
USA to borders I've never seen. From home to overseas.

(ignorant banter)

This is who I am and I won't change for anyone or anything.
You weren't there for me so I say "fuck you". I am who I want to be.