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released June 8, 2016

All songs written by Boxed In



all rights reserved


Boxed In Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: Intro - Believe It
Call us violent
call us ignorant
call us the downfall of the scene
but we'll be here till the end

You trendy fucks make me sick
one day joking core then riding indie dick
move onto bigger and better things
but when you're in need, use your cred from the scene

I'm a true believer, still holding on
fucking deceiver, soon you'll be gone

You'll never know my life, so just go your way
and let the past stay past
I've seen your kind all fade but i'll have my say
until I breathe my last
You change to fit your world, I know you'll never know
the life of an outcast
wasn't the first one here but when it boils down I know
I'll outlast

I believe it - and you will never wear my crown
I believe it - won't let the blind lead our kind
Track Name: Hellbound
Living a life that's gotten old
something warm could turn to something cold
Impending pain my life will bring
I'm sentenced to always feel the sting
Horrible thoughts run through my brain
a lasting impression from the rain
End it all or let time run its course?
I'll leave this world with a "fuck you" and no remorse

I've never fit, I just deal with it
You're so high up on your hill, it's enough to make me want to kill

These wounds just don't seem to be healing
inside my heart i'm losing feeling
been beaten down and lost and broken
words of defeat are all that's spoken

Nothing will stop me from bringing you down
to see my misery, we're all hellbound

your perfect life will end, so you can feel my pain
living the rest of your days hardly sane
Track Name: Pawns
Lost all faith in mankind
Show a way but you're too blind
That's life, deal with it
You'd rather watch us die than have to fucking try
It's just not worth your sweat to save us from our death

We're just pawns in this nightmare
in this game of endless pain
We're just pawns in their trap
human shields for their gain
We're just pawns in this machine
my life sucked out of me
We're just pawns in this life of torment and pain

Show my strength in the face of doubt
Set my limit, i'll smash it out
Don't underestimate me
I won't go silently into the dying light
I won't be swept aside without a fucking fight

It's my life, not your profit
I'm no machine, so fucking drop it
Track Name: Your Fall
You tell so many tales, I see right through your shit
Fronting like you're hard as nails but the pieces just don't fit
you've never had to scratch and fight just to survive
my hate for you was born from sacrifice

You've got no sense of friendship, you align so you can hide
tell yourself you'd die for this, you can't fake what's inside
Daydream of hostility, of the day we go toe to toe
I feel your face break on my fist
Judge me not by size for my will's as hard as stone

My kindness once again is taken for weakness
but I see the fear in you, you try so hard not to let it through
but I've got you pinned, you'll never win

You've got no sense of friendship, but you're talking to a grown man
You don't belong in my world, cause you could never take a stand

You'll fall for all the wrongs you've done to me, your fucking ego means shit
You'll drop under the weight of your lies, when your world comes down you won't see me around

don't come around here with your bullshit ways cause everything you say will always stay a fucking lie
Track Name: Attention Seeker
You wanna know why I stare with such hate?
I'm not your fucking friend. I choose to isolate myself
from these politics because I've never fit and I will never be down with you
It's something in my head, cause I was only bred to hate the ones that
kept me down
I've got my mind made up, your fucking game is up, and I don't have to be fake and pretend, like all the ones who smile but talk behind your back. they have to hide and wait till you're gone.
I'll say it to your face, I am your enemy, and my time for you is done.
Don't fucking come my way, or even look at me, cause I have nothing for you inside.

You're not one with me

There's no room for commitment in your life full of lies
got a story for everyone but you can't pull the wool over my eyes

I see you for you, you're the one who cheats your way into success
My eyes can't believe it, thinking of all the years I've spent
and everything I've earned, some day the tables will turn
I need to make you learn, I want to watch you burn

Pity monger, you have no shame
attention seeker, my life is your game
Track Name: Voluntary Enslavement
The time is now to take a stand
these dictators will bring death to man
They've got you docile, they've got you hooked
They've got you fed with shit from their history books

what will it take? when will you see?
They don't give a fuck, they'll take their side when the odds stack up.

Our human rights are a joke to them, but you've still got faith
in the government
It's time to take what we are promised, it's time to take what we are owed
they don't care about our families, they don't care about our homes

Work us to the grave, but you think this country's free of slaves
I've seen the best men fall under their crippling weight
caged until our deaths but you say that it's okay
I won't be held a captive living life their fucking way

I've seen their weakness, I've seen their heel
They want us dumb and weak but they'll never steal
My strength, my resistance, my spirit, my persistence
My burning inside, it can change the tide

Open your eyes, just take a look
It's not too late to pick yourself up off the hook

We spend our lives doing what we're told
No retirement left for the poor and old

It's time to strengthen what we have
it's time to take arms
we're caught in their scopes but our voices could do them harm
Track Name: Rise
Grey clouds loom overhead, spend days wishing I was dead
can't cope with depression and rage, storm brews while i'm locked inside a cage
Thinking back on the shit I've done, the battles lost, the battles won
This can't keep me down for long, I'll overcome because I'm strong
Direct my hate away from me, clouds are lifted, now I see
can't keep me down forever, I'll rise because I'm strong

Can't live this way forever, I've got to make a change
We've got to stand together, we'll make it through the rain
Track Name: Everyone's Fool
Raised on believing the golden rule, stay calm in the face of the cold and cruel
But I can't take it, I'm losing ground, why should I put up with being held down?
So sick of playing everyone's fool. Spend all your time showing respect but none is shown back to you.
Disrespected. A steady hand always keeping me locked up, someday I'll escape it and my aggressors will end up fucked.

I'm on the verge of lashing out, all my life spent under people's doubt
I'm gonna show you what I can do when lines are drawn between me and you

Let the bridges burn
Let the blood spill now
Let my enemies fall

Raised on the lies of catholic rule, turn the other cheek when they fuck with you
but it's all bullshit, this pointless guilt, I won't let them destroy what I've built
No longer playing anyone's fool. Those days are through, because I've given all and there's no more I can do.
I'm so fed up with this shit, you never paid for it, for the things you put me through.

I'm past the point of looking back, cause you forgot to ever cut me slack. Paid the price time and time again, but my one regret was calling you a friend.
Track Name: Born From Pain (Worst Luck)
Friends till death
I stand along side with you, the strong, the proud, the few
who fight for everything we have, do what we have to do
This life struggle I have known, from this I have grown
Cuts through my flesh and bone
We stand alone
hated and proud
Broken promises left a shattered frame
and a picture of family that i'll never see
My brothers, my friends, what i'd do for you
I will defend it all

Those who have befriended me
See the hard side of life that i've seen

We're all born into hate
we're all born from pain
we're all born with worst luck

Dedicated to Greg Dooley
1984 - 2010